Certified Personal trainer and coach

About me

Mit navn er Benjamin. Er 36 år og driver til hverdag gården jeg bor på, Schellerup Gård. 

Som familiefar til to små piger på hhv. 3 og 5 år samt et krævende job, så ved jeg alt om ikke at have tiden til at få trænet. 

I also live on a large farm that needs to be maintained, have many irons in the fire, and on top of all this also want to be present as much as possible with the wife and children when they are at home.

Undskyldninger for ikke at komme i gang, der nok af, men overskuddet er oftest udfordringen. For det kræver nemlig en hel del af en selv, at gøre noget ved det. Mest mentalt… 

But luckily there is something you can do about it - and I can help you get started.

My philosophy

My philosophy is that you CAN be healthy, and at the same time enjoy yourself with a cold beer and a large steak on a regulary basis. I just depends on how much. Because life is simply too short without gravy and potatoes. Plane simple...

It is actually scientifically proven that it is much more unhealthy to be thin and physically inactive than to be slightly overweight and physically active.

That the philosophy that I practice – being able to unite the two things and create balance in life.

I'm not just "Personal Trainer", with me you get everything that binds a healthy and well-functioning life together

Education and specialization

Credits, Fitness, workout, træning

The place

Bondegård, fitness, outdoor

All of the teaching and training takes place at Schellerup Gård. In my sessions I both use the outdoor areas, the lake, the forest and not least our fitness room.

The personal training that I offer has its primary basis in functional training (or so-called combination exercises) rather than isolated exercises, which you typically see and do in a fitness center. 


Fitness, workout, gym

Our fitness room is approx. 35 m2, and has everything you need for physical training.

We have dumbbells from 1-45 kg, cable tower, half rack for both squat and bench press, dip rack, rowing machine, training mats and a lot more.

Outdoor training

Mountainbike, outdoor, fitness

All training does not have to take place indoors. The nature and facilities in and around the farm can also contribute to a healthy training environment. The outdoor areas are also extensively used in the training sessions – depending on the goal and ability.

This is how I work



The first step is a conversation where we talk together about goals, expectations and motivation. This conversation will form the entire foundation for your future course.


Goal setting and planning

The second step is the planning. A plan for how we will achieve your goals and how it can all fit into your everyday life. 



When we have aligned expectations, made a goal statement and laid out a plan for this, then the work begins. Namely the training! Here, you will no doubt over time encounter motivation, and not least demotivation. The latter is important to tackle correctly in order to reach the finish line. This is where my support and presence is most important. And you get it unconditionally. 


Adjustment and follow-up

Adjustment and follow-up is important to do continuously throughout the process, so that we are constantly being corrected, and thereby get the maximum benefit from the process. 


All the courses takes place at my home on the farm. I have all the training facilities myself, so you don't have to go to a gym and take out an expensive subscription on top of that (you save on that with me).

All packages also include ongoing body analysis on an advanced Tanita scale, which gives you insight into your fat percentage, BMI, body age, muscle quality and a lot of other things. The good thing about this is that together we can follow your progress.

For me, it is extremely important that you get a solid foundation for achieving a healthier lifestyle

kettlebell, gym, fitness-3361559.jpg
1 weekly training

2.000 DKK per month

fitness, weight lifting, dumbbells-375472.jpg
2 weekly training

3.000 DKK per month

fitness, weight, dumbbell-1882721.jpg
3 weekly training

4.250 DKK per month

Other services

kettlebell, gym, fitness-3361559.jpg
1-1 Personal training

400 DKK per session (hourly)

tape measure, meter, measuring-3847817.jpg
Body analysis

250 DKK

tic tac toe, love, hearts-1777815.jpg
Workout program

350 DKK per program

Terms and conditions


When starting a course at Schellerup ApS, you accept the following conditions as part of your course.

All objections regarding the conditions must be sent to

All training takes place at your own risk. We/I are not responsible for the client's performance, but provide guidance according to current guidelines regarding proper performance and adapted training.


The courses is held at:

Schellerup Gård

Gunderupvej 5, Kollund
7400 Herning

Or if otherwise agreed.

If the client wishes to carry out training on their own in a gym or similar, the costs for this are not included in the courses/product we offer.

All personal training takes place between 06:00 and 17:00. Times outside the time slot are agreed separately. Here, a fee of DKK 200 per session, which may differ by agreement.

Cancellation rules

If a training class is canceled less than 24 hours before it takes place, then the class can NOT be moved to another time. It will therefore count as a used session in the course.

If you cancel more than 24 hours before your training session, you can have it moved to a later time within the current month.

A maximum of two sessions per month.

Sessions cannot be moved to the next month, unless otherwise agreed.

Vacation / Customer Kunde

Holidays during a course must be reported before the 15th of the previous month.

Holidays can be of a maximum duration of 3 weeks, for which the remainder of the month will be invoiced as continued.

We reserve the right to ensure that the client's place cannot be secured in the calendar if continuous holidays are reported repeatedly.

It is assessed based on the coach's own discretion.

Vacation / Trainer

The trainer himself reports his holiday to the client, and the client will not be invoiced for the time the trainer is absent from the ongoing process.


The courses must be prepaid immediately before the start, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

The start of our course is from the beginning of a new month, unless otherwise agreed between trainer and client.

Prices cover a full month regardless of whether it is 4 or 5 week months.

Diviation of the month in relation to holidays, breaks and partial start-up is based on a 4-week month, and the price will be calculated based on this.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, card payment or via mobilepay (544866)

The invoice is sent to the buyer immediately before the start of the new month.

Progress agreement and payment are binding - and money will not be refunded if the progress is ended prematurely on the part of the buyer, contrary to expectations.

Change of course/membership

If you wish to change your membership before the next month, we must inform you of this before the end of the current month.

This is done by contacting

Termination and final invoicing

Courses are terminated with the current month + 1 month and must be terminated in writing before the end of the current month.

Opsigelse skal sendes skriftligt til inden udgangen af indeværende måned.

For example

If you wish to cancel your membership by 31/12 - then the cancellation must reach us in writing by 30/11 at the latest