About us

Our Family

The farm got its name when we moved to the farm. "Schellerup" is Charlotte's grandmother's old maiden name. She was born in Thisted in 1925, and she was much loved. That is why both we and the farm have been named after her.

We are a young couple in our mid-30s with two little princesses.

We met each other in Copenhagen back in 2013, where our first date was on a sports climbing wall. We are a very dynamic couple, full of energy. We are always super active, creative and we are a very executing couple. We complement each other well in our individual strengths, skills and interests. We are good at supporting each other in our dreams as well as the small and big dilemmas and choices of everyday life.

After 9 years in Copenhagen, we decided to pull the plug and go on new adventures in central Jutland. We agreed when we got married that we would make three radical life changes in our life. Moving from Copenhagen to Jutland was the first big adventure. With no family for miles around, we said goodbye to our city life in the big city, to start a new one on the countryside. 

We embrace a changeable environment filled with opportunities and energy. We love it, we love our farm, and we love each other and our two small princesses.

Our oldest princess is called Sif, who is named after Thor's wife from Norse mythology with her long beautiful golden hair. Sif is a lively girl, unbelievably curious, who really wants to say hello, although she often gets a bit silly and shy in situations. Sif turned 5 years old in May 2023, and has her daily routine upstairs in the local kindergarten, Toftegården, in the "Bøllerne" living room, which one must say suits her behavior and mind extremely well

Lily is our youngest daughter, who turned 3 years in July 2023. A lovely little girl with big round apple cheeks and a twinkle in her eyes. In fact, she is quite a sneaky little bandit, but her looks and smile oftens gets her the benefit of the doubt. Lily has a high energy level and not to forget temperament. With her courage, heights, jumps, swings and everything are explored running. She also loves to be outside and play.

Together with the family we also have Karla, Walther and Sander.

Karla is our oldest cat - she is a real diva cat as well as a real breed cat - a Burmese race. She is often "bald" in the summer (due to a haircut), and a big and fluffy during the winter time.

Walther is our second cat. Named after the mascot for a festival in a nearby city called Skanderborg. Walther is a very ordinary grey-striped farm cat. Funny enough, he would rather be inside, and leaves Karla to catch mice and birds.

Sander is the youngest in the family. He's almost 2 years old. He is an Australian Shepherd dog, and you can hardly avoid meeting him. He has become huge for his breed, and can therefore appear a bit clumsy when he comes running at full speed to say hi. Having said that, he has the biggest heart both in relation to other animals, children and guests.

Turn my back on him if I don't want to say hi. And let us know if you don't like dogs, so we can take extra care when staying with us 


The story of the farm

Schellerup Gård is an old farm built back in 1910. Back then there was nothing but a main building and a barn and 12 ha of farmland. In 1960, an extra building was added and the agricultural land was changed to forest land. In 2005, the farm was bought by the previous owners Anja and Kent, who completely renovated the farm. The main building was given an upper floor, and all the roofing was changed to thatched roof. Here they also created the 3 apartments as we have today. They spent 3 years before the farm was finished, and the farm became their home for 16 years.

We took over the farm in autumn 2021 with the dream of making the farm a fantastic place for us, our children, our local community and not least for you, our guests! We have many plans but continue to run the farm in the same spirit and with respect for history. We still see Anja and Kent regularly, as the purchase contract contains a phrase that they must drink red wine on a monthly basis.